🌍 Mission

Our mission is to break psychological, geographic, and economic barriers to learning and teaching dance. We are creating a personalized virtual dance studio, with the largest selection of dance styles and music, and the most innovative movement learning experience...all in the palm of your hand. With Groovetime, the whole world gets to dance!


💡 What is Groovetime?

Groovetime is the marketplace for movement where any dancer can create, own, teach and monetize their moves. Dance creators are empowered to create and offer interactive movement learning experiences to their fans. The movement learning experience for fans is powered by a sophisticated system of computer vision models and algorithms that track the learner and creator, and provide recommendations to the learner on how they can improve their form and technique. The entire experience runs on commodity mobile phones and tablets. There is no extra equipment required to use the product...no expensive 3D suits or hardware. Check out Groovetime in action: https://bit.ly/3sQlsKL.

🧩 Life at Groovetime

We're a small but ambitious team joyfully creating the best dance platform in the world. We come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and we put all that together to create magical movement learning experiences for our users.

We're fully remote, which means that if you join us, you'll be able to work from anywhere 🌍.

We're also very early, so you'll have an opportunity to shape not just our product, but the company itself; who we work with, and how we work together.


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⚖️ Our Values

🍰 Perks and Benefits